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Knitting since 1975.

Knitwear is part of our DNA and we work with it in a very meticulous way. We call it luxury knitwear. We combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with technological advances that improve design, tailoring and production processes. The passion we share for a job well done defines who we are.

Our slogan couldn't be any clearer: All We Knit Is Love.



Colours express emotions and communicate moods that directly influence people's psychology. We embrace light and colour, taking it to its maximum potential by encompassing the entire chromatic spectrum: from vibrant tones that radiate energy, vitality and dynamism, to evocative pastel colours that lend the pieces a sense of freshness and serenity.

We like having a mix. We favour chromatic mosaics and striking combinations that are out of the ordinary. When it comes to colours, more is always better when seeking to dress women with joy, fun, freedom and

This is our dopamine dressing.

Ancla Art in fashion

Art in    Fashion

We believe in fashion that can express, share and connect with emotions.

An expressionist piece of art, a country scene, a cult film, an aesthetic trend... these are recurring sources of inspiration that influence our creative process.

Art interacts with fashion. It is part of our aesthetic language that we express through hand drawings, inspirational moodboards, graphic jacquards and digitised intarsias. Nature and the arts & crafts movement form part of our DNA.

see drawings


If there is one word than defines our journey up until now, it is conscious; conscious about making a fashion project which boasts its own identity while respecting people, the environment and promoting the local economy. These values have accompanied us from the very beginning.

We do not subscribe to any fashion trends, we simply reaffirm our origins.

Image by Taylor Brandon


We are sustainable /

We are backed by several certificates. We ensure that the sourcing and manufacture of materials and fibres are not harmful to the planet. The dyeing process of the yarns holds the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label, the leading eco-label for textile products which guarantees that they do not contain substances which are harmful to your health.

The cotton comes from sustainable farming with restricted use of chemical products, where saving water and energy is a priority, thus favouring the conservation of the agricultural land. Our bamboo fibre is also OEKO-TEX® certified and grown without pesticides. Since the very beginning we have been using Merino wool which boats excellent properties. Merino sheep producers are contractually obliged to comply with a strict animal welfare code. Finally, the viscose we use in our yarns is FSC which means that it comes from sources that ensure responsible use of forests.


We are local /

Our production is local and is mainly located in Igualada and in the surrounding area of Barcelona. Our company employs 60 workers in which optimal working conditions and fair wages are guaranteed.



We are retailers /
Passion for detail

We believe quality to be an affordable luxury. Therefore, our production process relies on the manufacturing of pre-orders so as to reduce unnecessary stocks as much as possible. The garments are created with love for those who love them. And love is reciprocated.

On the other hand, we are committed to circularity and we try to ensure that part of the surplus fabrics are put to new uses, reusing them to make unique pieces in schools and workshops, or in other companies with which we collaborate.


We are traceable & honest / Traceability & honesty

We know where our pieces come from, the materials used in their design and manufacture and the people who work on them. This allows us full traceability of our products. We are transparent in the creative and production process, and we talk to you directly, without intermediaries. If you have any doubts or queries, we can answer them in the contact section.

We know where our pieces come from and the people who work on them, as well as the materials used in their design and subsequent manufacture.



We are inclusive /

We believe in open and diverse beauty. Beauty which does not have an age or specific measurements. That's why we offer a variety of sizes so that our clothes are accessible and appealing to all women.



We are supportive

We support non-profit organisations such as Doctors Without Borders® and Unicef®.

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