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A revolutionary take
on women's fashion

Aldo Martins was founded in 1975 in Sant Martí de Tous (Barcelona) by businessman Martí Bisbal, who imagined a new way of creating women's clothing using knitwear and by following a chic and cosmopolitan approach to fashion.

His designs, created and produced in local workshops, offered a unique aesthetic language that appealed to modernity: vibrant colours, bold jacquards, quality materials and handcrafted techniques that could be appreciated in contemporary knitwear. Aldo Martins was "different" from the rest and that uniqueness is still part of our DNA.


Businessman Martí Bisbal founds
Aldo Martins in Sant Martí de Tous



Industria textil

In the late 1990s the company underwent major changes. It moved to Igualada, a city with a long textile tradition, where its headquarters are currently located, and began its first international exports to European markets such as France, the United Kingdom and Germany.
Meanwhile, Aldo Martins began to benefit from the synergies of the major international textile trade shows such as Who's Next Paris and Coterie New York.

The appointment of Núria Bisbal as the creative director marked a new direction in terms of digitalisation of the designs: the original graphic jacquards and the intarsias with floral motifs, which form part of the brand identity, began to be drawn using design programmes and then each pattern was reproduced by hand.

In addition to the jumper and cardigan, new garments with original prints that adopt their own personality within Aldo Martins start to appear, such as the coat-style jacket, maxi dresses or two-piece co-ords. Saturated colours and shocking mixtures make up a new aesthetic language that reinterprets the bohemian style in garments that provide freshness, joy and a casual flare to the female wardrobe.

Industria textil
_Y7A4515 copia.jpg

The last decade has been decisive in consolidating the brand internationally with the expansion into new markets in Asia, America and Africa.

In 2019, the second generation of the Bisbal family takes the reins of the business, introducing a new business vision based on innovation, technology and identity. Currently, Martí Bisbal Jr. is the CEO of Aldo Martins, accompanied by Eduard Bisbal as head of the production department and Núria Bisbal as creative director. The three brothers lead a team of 60 people working on a new direction as a family brand that is open to the world.


Together we are shaping the future of Aldomartins.

The company ALDO MARTIN SA participates in the “ICEX-BREXIT” Program financed by funds from the European Union, to mitigate the adverse consequences of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union. Aid granted by ICEX in 2023.

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