The Company

ALDO MARTIN, S.A. is a growing, medium-size company based in Igualada (Barcelona). Martí Bisbal, founder and CEO, employs 60 workers, and is supported by his family's second generation. Located in 1,500 high quality department stores in 32 different countries, they export 80% of sales. Although their main markets are Europe and the USA, they are also present in France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Aldomartins has also found new and growing business opportunities in emerging countries, including China, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

The company participates in various worldwide tradeshows every season, including Who's Next (Paris), Modefabriek (Amsterdam), CPD (Dusseldorf), and Fashion Coterie (New York). They are also present in 30 showrooms, both national and international.

Despite their continuous expansion and sales growth, ALDO MARTIN maintains their initial vision and values.